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※外国の方向けのページです。 This page shows our service information summarized in English. Our service is to visit your house, cremate your dead pet animals in car with incinerator and return their bones in pot. img_toppanel03

Basic service

We will
  1. Visit your house.
  2. Have dead animal brought into incinerator-car.
  3. Move to safe place to burn.
  4. Burn pet dead body in roadside one bye one.
  5. Pick bones up.
  6. Back to your house and return bones.
* You can pick bones up by yourself if you want to, you should choose Pick up bones plan. It takes 2-3 hours to do it after our visiting and the cost depends on pet’s weight and plan. Service flow page  

 Plans & Cost

You can choose cremation plan from mainly 3 types.   Basic plan service: burn and return bones plan01 Sendoff plan service: Basic plan & ceremony goods you can say good-bye with ornaments (sheets, flower, candy message card, etc.) ご供養セットplan01 Pick up bones plan service: Sendoff plan & Pick up bones with customers plan04ご供養セットplan01   Please tell our staff below: Your information: Your name, Address, phone number. Pet information: Kind (Dog, Cat or Others), Weight, Body size (in case of very big animals). Your request: cremate plan, book the date and time.   Total cost = Cremate cost +Moving cost + Option cost+ Tax (8%)   If you live in Shinjuku and have a cat (4kg) and choose basic plan in regular time. Total cost= 14,000+2,000+0+1,280=17,280yen   Price page  
  • Early morning and night (after 19 or before 10 o’clock) needs extra cost (25% of cremate cost). This is one of option cost.
  • Moving cost depends on your address. Ex; Shibuya 1,000yen, Shinjuku 2,000yen,Kanagawa prefecture 3,000yen, Saitama prefecture 5,000yen.
  • You should pay by cash or credit card before cremation.

 Contact us

You can contact us by sending an email in Japanese or English. We will reply within 24 hours. Any question about animal is OK. Contact us   Words Note お名前 (必須)  Name ご住所(必須) Address 電話番号(必須) Phonenumber メールアドレス E-mail お問い合わせ内容 Question 見積もり依頼 Estimate その他お問い合わせ others ペットの種類 a Kind of pet 題名 Title メッセージ本文 Massage Please fulfill above and send by push   送信(Send) button Contact us  

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